Keep an Eye on ‘Eye’ During Summer: Eye Care Tips for Summer

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As the temperature soars high, one musttake care of one’s health. Summer can take a toll on youroverall well-being and it’sthat point of the year when cases of dehydration, sunstroke and sunburn are high. During the season, we care for skin and hair, however,are likely to miss out on eye care. Over-exposure to warmth can enhance the chances of eye allergiessuch as itching, redness, teary eyes and viral conjunctivitis to calla few; eventually,it could enhancethe danger of cataracts and retinal harm. Some issuesmay very well beextracritical like eye strainthat mightimpact vision ultimately.

Hence, we recommend a few easy-to-follow tips for eye care during the summer:

Smart usage of Wearables:
Eye gear (sunglasses), though perceived as a style accent and a mode assertion, is important for eye safety extra so throughout the summer. Do guarantee, you lay your hands on high-grade quality eye gear that can give protection from UVA and UVB rays. During a swim, you will need to care for the eyes from getting contaminated by germs in the water bodies or from chlorine within the swimming pools. After swimming it’s endorsed to rinse your eyes completely with common water. DO NOT put on contact lenses in pools, you risk getting bad corneal infections that may probably blind you. If you need to see you may get prescription swim goggles. If you have already got some crimson eyes and discharge, please DO NOT get into pools as you can infect others too.
Stay Hydrated:
Keep yourself hydrated with sufficient fluids, and devour contemporary fruits and vegetable drinks that might be high in vitamins A, C, and E. Drink at least 7–8 glasses of water in a day. Staying hydrated can hold your eyes moist and retains issues like eye redness, and itchy eyes at bay. Hydration keeps the body and eyes cool and the strain on the eye is much less. Vision too wouldn’t be impacted.
Take a Break at Regular Intervals:
It is important to provide sufficient relaxation to your body and eyes in particular and it’s endorsed to get at least 8 -9 hours of quality sleep. Air conditioning and high publicity to digital gadgets could make your eyes dry and itchy, thus it’s good to take frequent breaks in between work and take at least a 5 – 10 minute break every hour between work and look away from the digital gadgets.
Avoid Noon Time:
At any given time it’s clever to keep away from going out within the noon time (12 p.m. – 2 p.m.). It is the time when sun rays are harsh and heat is the most. It will trigger hurt to the skin and eyes. If required to step out throughout this time, carry an umbrella, stroll or hat to keep away from scorching warmth. Eye safety throughout warmth is crucial as it might harm the eye and prevents simple visibility.
Use sunscreen wisely:
Though sunscreen is very advisable throughout the summer season and must be utilized every two hours, be watchful when making use of the lotion across the eyes, it’d get into the eyes inflicting redness and itchiness for a couple of days.
In conclusion, it may be mentioned that caring for one’s total health and feeling good about oneself boosts confidence and self-esteem. The eyes are the sensitive organ of our body and deserve care and attention at all times, extra so during the summer. However, don’t fret about the summer season, undertake easy lifestyle changes and enjoy this season.