Can eating peanut butter reduce stress? The answer might surprise you

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Peanut butter is a go-to for many of us, providing a wonderful possibility for a healthy snack and an effective way to achieve your protein macronutrient targets. However, few people learn about one of peanut butter’s secret advantages — the ability to decrease cortisol. Consuming only one two-tablespoon serving of peanut butter a day may help handle stress and produce high cortisol ranges. Here’s how.

What is cortisol?
Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced within the body’s adrenal gland in response to emphasis. At the same time, cortisol could be good in some circumstances, akin to in response to exercise, an excessive amount of cortisol can make you prone to many physical and emotional signs of stress. When persistent stress happens within the body, high cortisol ranges can leave you with signs akin to fatigue, irritability, weight acquisition, complications, and many other undesirable signs.

Does peanut butter lower cortisol?
Consuming peanut butter, in moderation, is a superb possibility as a part of a healthy consumption plan. Not only is it high in protein, but it additionally incorporates many key vitamins akin to magnesium, zinc, and healthy fat. But there’s additionally one thing else found in peanut butter that you just received discovered on the label. Peanut butter incorporates a compound generally known as beta-sitosterol, a construction that’s just like cholesterol. This naturally occurring substance in peanut butter serves to control the body’s manufacturing of cortisol.

In a research printed in the Clinical Journal of Nutrition, researchers concluded that consuming peanut butter could assist people in improving their mental performance and responding more to stressors. While this idea continues to be new and requires additional analysis, this may imply it’s worthwhile to devour peanut butter as a part of a healthy, well-rounded food regimen.


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In addition to beta-sitosterol, peanut butter additionally incorporates an amino acid generally known as tryptophan. This amino acid is assumed to have an effect on the sleep-wake cycle, but researchers aren’t fairly positive if it additionally performs a job to scale back cortisol ranges.

Choosing peanut butter for stress
Choosing the right kind of peanut butter is necessary which will help you profit from the beta-sitosterol and doubtlessly cut back your cortisol ranges. For those who are allergic to peanut butter, other sorts of nut butter, akin to almond butter, are nice options that additionally contain this compound.

Many peanut butter you’ll discover on the grocery store shelf are not peanut butter. Rather, they’re peanut “spreads” which include components like unhealthy seed oils and loads of sugar. Choose a peanut butter that has restricted components, which means solely peanuts and salt, and keep away from any product that isn’t the product of 100% peanuts. Consuming too much added sugar can have an alternative impact on your cortisol ranges, resulting in high blood sugar and elevated cortisol levels.