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INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR YOGA 2023: We all lead busy lives, and that makes it difficult to take care of our physical as well as mental health. Irregularities in consuming and ingesting habits generally result in many heart-related issues. These days, heart-related illnesses should not solely take place in older people but in younger women and men too. On the latest occasions, we’ve got witnessed the severity of cardiovascular points, and it’s time we pay heed to what our coronary heart wishes, a proper and lively lifestyle. This International Day for Yoga, here are some yoga asanas that may assist hold the heart healthy, as per the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.


  1. Bend ahead from a standing posture with your legs straight and your toes collectively.
  2. Put your palms or fingers on the bottom, parallel to your toes.
  3. Bring your head in the direction of your knees.
  4. If you may reach the ground, place a yoga block at the entrance of your feet.


  1. Put your toes about hip-width aside whereas mendacity in your again.
  2. Lift your backside off the bottom and hold it there while elevating your hips up.
  3. Firmly plant your toes on the bottom.
  4. You can both roll your shoulders below your body or relaxation your arms at your sides on the ground.


  1. Raise your arms aloft and bend your knees.
  2. Start by standing along with your toes collectively and your toes pointing at the entrance.
  3. Bring your thighs near being parallel to the ground.
  4. Your torso will bend slightly forward over your thighs, and your knees will stick out in entrance of you.
  5. Hold the pose for a minute.


  1. Put your legs straight in the front and sit down on the floor.
  2. The bottom of your right foot should relax on the interior thigh of your left leg as you flex your right leg.
  3. Keep your left leg straight on the bottom.
  4. Extend each arm in the direction of your left foot and bend forward.
  5. Lower your brow in the direction of your straight leg.
  6. Repeat on the opposite side.


  1. Lay in your back, and cross your left side over your right knee.
  2. Bring your right knee to your chest.
  3. Take several deep breaths while extending your right arm to the side.
  4. Continue in your left side.