How To Choose The Right Turmeric Powder? Benefits And Ways To Consume It

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Turmeric has multiple health benefits. It’s anti-inflammatory, has antioxidant properties and performs a big function in preventing oxidative stress. One ingredient that helps differentiate Indian cuisine from others is turmeric. Most curries use this spice for colour and flavour. While many manufacturers promote Turmeric- the query of whether or not it’s pure or natural nonetheless stays unanswered.

Nutritionist Avantii Deshpande says that turmeric has a bioactive compound known as Curcumin, which lifts the quality of the spice. The turmeric with a light yellow colour has 3 per cent curcumin, and those with a dark yellow colour have 7 per cent curcumin. Avanti advised going for the latter. She additionally mentioned how turmeric has multiple health benefits.

It is anti-inflammatory, boosts your immunity, and helps you keep sturdy and protected. Next, it’s efficient for cognitive wellness, together with improved memory and mind function. It promotes our cardiovascular well-being and helps coronary heart health.

Curcumin, in line with the skilled, can alleviate joint pain and assist the general health of ageing joints. Further, it could cope with mobility points. Along with being anti-inflammatory, it additionally has antioxidant properties and plays a big function in fighting oxidative stress. Additionally, curcumin-rich turmeric may help a healthy digestive system and reduce discomfort.

Apart from our regular meals, Avantii demonstrates particular ways that we will use to incorporate turmeric powder into our daily diet and reap its benefits. She stated this manner, one can “embark on this transformative journey and empower yourself with the data to make the right choices when it comes to turmeric powder.”

  • The first method she suggested was to combine half a spoonful of turmeric powder in a glass of water. This mix must be consumed on an empty abdomen.
  • If you might be sceptical about this, you too can combine half a spoonful of turmeric powder in a glass of pure almond milk or cow milk.
  • The third choice she suggests is to combine half a spoonful of turmeric powder with virgin coconut oil or ghee and eat it on an empty stomach.