Your complete guide to the under-appreciated (but amazing) oyster mushroom

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We loved to hate them as youngsters. These bizarre, rubbery lots, sprouting up as if from nowhere, greedily invading all of our beloved meals — like pizza. How dare they. But as our tastes developed and we reached maturity, we gained a brand new appreciation for these unusual little meals. Maybe it was tasting it at a restaurant that wasn’t Pizza Hut for the primary time, or maybe it snuck its means onto your plate at a particular occasion or social gathering, and also you took a bite, not recognizing your childhood culinary enemy. By then it was too late, and you have been misplaced within the woody, earthy, savoury seduction that’s the oyster mushroom.

Before you knew it, you have been going again for seconds and thirds, having fun with every buttery chunk of this beautiful ingredient, questioning your whole id. Maybe it wasn’t practically that dramatic and also you’ve at all times simply thought they have been tasty. Either means, the oyster mushroom is a massively under-appreciated gem, and it’s time to show that round. Let’s take a deeper look into the delicious fungus often called the oyster mushroom.

Oyster mushroom varieties and spot them
You shouldn’t be skilled in oyster mushroom identification, however, we have the fundamentals to know. In most circumstances, oyster mushrooms develop on bushes, often on lifeless and decomposing wood (yum). This makes them pretty recognizable once they’re noticed rising within the woods. However, take care. While comparatively simple to determine on account of their massive and delightful fan form and spectacular gills, they do have some toxic doppelgangers. For this cause, foraging in your mushrooms is rarely suggested except you might be with a skilled forager.

Thanks to many plant-identifying apps lately, people have sadly changed into over-confident in their skills to determine wild vegetation, typically with deadly penalties. If you’re untrained within the artwork of untamed mushrooms, it’s best to depart your foraging to the produce section of the grocery retailer like the remainder of us.

There are six varieties of oyster mushrooms, each with its special traits. Each sort is delicious, with earthy, woody, umami notes. But the flavour variations are delicate, making them simply interchangeable in your recipes.

Pearl oyster
This might be probably the most recognizable, generally used oyster mushroom right here in the United States. Slightly candy, earthy, and woodsy, these mushrooms are delicate and tender, and completely scrumptious in a wide range of preparations.

Blue oyster
Similar in taste to the Pearl, the Blue oyster mushroom is distinguishable by its notably blue colouration when it first begins to develop. As it ages, its colouration transforms right into a silvery grey on high, with classically whitish gills. When cooking, deal with it by any means you’d a Pearl.

Golden oyster
Mainly found in Asia, the Golden oyster is hanging in its magnificence. Clusters of shiny golden mushrooms spring from its base and provide a definite scent, similar to anise. These are particularly tasty when fried.

Pink oyster
Vibrantly coral-coloured and ruffled, Pinks are native to the tropics as they thrive in hotter temperatures. Their scent and taste are strongly woody, and fantastic when utilized in a braise or soup. Just don’t rely on their flamboyant colouration to stay round — it fades to golden when cooked.

Phoenix oyster
Easily confused with the Pearl, the Phoenix varies solely barely from its cousin, being smaller and paler. Their bodies are barely thicker as well, serving to them stand as much as extra intense cooking strategies. These are fantastic when stir-fried.

King oyster
The King oyster seems to be nothing in any respect like different oyster mushrooms. With an extra basic form, the King has a thick, sturdy stem and the standard brown/white colouration mixture. It differs from its cousins in the best way it grows — within the floor, fairly than connected to bushes. The taste of the King is meaty and savoury, with a construction that may take the warmth.

The how-to’s to find out about mushrooms
Health advantages of oyster mushrooms
Oyster mushrooms naturally include a high variety of statins, which assist in cutting back high levels of cholesterol. Recent research has proven oyster mushrooms have an anti-tumour impact on the body on account of their polysaccharides. A polysaccharide is a fancy carbohydrate composed of sugar molecules, thought to stimulate the cancer-fighting skills in our immune methods. If you ask us, these are fairly outstanding health advantages for a little bit of fungus.

How to retail oyster mushrooms
Always retail oyster mushrooms in the fridge. If your mushrooms are store-bought, they may very well be stored within the retailer’s packaging for as much as 5 days. If they’re shrink-wrapped, poking just a few holes within the plastic will purchase you one other day or two of freshness.

If your mushrooms are contemporary from harvesting, preserve them in a loosely closed plastic bag for as much as 8 days. Another factor to notice is their location in your fridge. Because mushrooms are so porous and take up taste so readily, keep away from setting them close to any notably pungent meals, like uncooked onions or fish.

How to scrub oyster mushrooms
Unlike most mushrooms, oysters (for probably the most half) develop on wooden, fairly than within the floor, so they need to be a little bit cleaner than different varieties. The cleansing course is similar to with different mushrooms. Never rinse or submerge your mushrooms in water as they may rapidly change into water-logged and lose all of their delicate taste. It’s best to easily wipe them down with a moist material or paper towel, taking care to not leave any extra moisture behind.

How oyster mushrooms work for any dish
How to prepare dinner oyster mushrooms
Because of their delicate taste, oyster mushrooms are tremendously versatile and easy to prepare dinner with. Toss them in a salad or on a pizza, and add them to your soups, stews, and sauces. They have such a gorgeous taste that they’ll stand magnificently on their very own as an aspect dish.

People who flip up their noses at mushrooms need to offer them one other probability. Oyster mushrooms are a fantastic one to attempt to see in case your style buds like them now. From the primary star to a supporting function, oyster mushrooms can stand on their very own or mix into any recipe.

They make a fantastic vegan choice – Don’t need to swap to tofu? Then mushrooms are a substitute to sink your enamel into. Think covered in batter and deep fried, supposed as a meat substitute (as in a burger), and supposed because of the dominant taste of the soup. There are quite a few vegan recipes to focus on the delicious meat of the mushroom, so no different protein is important.
Try them in numerous methods – We don’t solely imply attempting them in varied dips and dishes. How you chop oyster mushrooms performs a task in how they may come out within the recipe. Finely chopped, left as massive as possible, or thinly sliced — ensure you combine it up with the scale of the mushroom.
Where you get the mushrooms from issues – As we talked about, no foraging by yourself without seasoned information. But your native grocery retailer could not have them (or good ones) in any respect. But the place where you can get the best high-quality oyster mushrooms is at your native Asian market and pure grocery retailer. Those are the best choices, except for getting them straight from the tree.

The perfect dish for first-time mushroom-goers
Sauteed oyster mushrooms with garlic butter recipe
This recipe lets the beauty of the oyster mushroom shine. Simply accented with a little bit of herby garlic butter, these mushrooms are beautiful all on their very own or served over pasta. They are fantastic to fold into an omelette for breakfast or tossed right into a wrap at lunchtime.


  • 10 ounces oyster mushrooms
  • 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1/4 cup fresh Italian parsley leaves


  1. Gently clean mushrooms utilizing a moist paper towel, eradicating extra filth and moisture.
  2. Chop into bite-sized items.
  3. Heat a big skillet on medium-high warmth, then add the oil to the pan.
  4. When the oil is hot, add mushrooms in a single layer. Cook, without turning, till one aspect is golden brown. Repeat with one other batch of mushrooms if needed.
  5. Remove mushrooms from pan, and place onto serving platter. With the pan off the heat, add butter, garlic and parsley, swirling till the butter is melted and the garlic is aromatic.
  6. Pour the butter and garlic combination over the mushrooms and serve.

If it’s been a bit because you’ve tried mushrooms otherwise you need to begin consuming more healthily, oyster mushrooms are the reply to all things. Their taste works for learners wanting to offer them one other go and their healthy attributes are what your body wants. Stop being grossed out by the look and feel of a mushroom and let these oysters change your thoughts about how delicious mushrooms are.