These 5 hamstring stretch exercises are guaranteed to loosen you up

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The hamstring muscles are positioned in the back of the thigh and are used for regular basis activities comparable to strolling, working, and climbing stairs. This muscle group, which consists of three separate muscles, additionally helps the legs carry out different actions, comparable to squatting.

It is, due to this fact, vital to keep the hamstrings from tightening or weakening. The best way to accomplish that is by preserving the hamstring’s flexibility. Even a daily hamstring stretch can stop muscle pain, tightness, and muscle pulls from occurring.

Tight or pulled hamstrings can lower mobility and improve discomfort even without doing any rigorous exercise. This is why incorporating hamstring stretch exercises right into an exercise routine may also help alleviate or stop issues from creating in these essential muscles.

Whether you’re an athlete aiming to boost efficiency or somebody seeking to enhance daily flexibility, hamstring stretches may also help make a constructive effect on daily leg efficiency.

Signs you could have tight hamstrings
Tight hamstrings are fairly widespread, and lots of people will expertise them at some point. Some warning indicators to look out for embrace the loss or limitations to the variety of movements the legs can carry out. Even a sense of resistance can be skilled when simply trying to extend a leg.

Other extra apparent indicators include discomfort and pain when performing regular activities comparable to strolling. Discomfort ranges normally improve with extra vigorous exercise like fitness centre exercises or taking part in sports activities like soccer.

Even a decrease again pain could be attributed to tight hamstrings, normally as a result of Tight hamstrings can pull on the pelvis and trigger rigidity within the decrease again. If touching the toes is troublesome, then tight hamstrings could be the reason for this as well.

What causes tight hamstrings?
Sedentary lifestyle
Staying lively doesn’t solely assist in spicing up health, burning energy, and reducing body fats, but it surely also helps to maintain muscle groups unfastened and strong.

A sedentary lifestyle could be attributed to many things, comparable to desk jobs, health issues, and age. But over time, inactive muscle groups can tighten, shorten and weaken, leading to pain and discomfort, which might develop into one other barrier against turning active.

Muscle imbalances
Workouts should goal all muscles and never simply ensure muscle teams as a result of the body must be balanced. All muscles must be given equal consideration so that they’ll work in concord with one another.

Strong quads and weak hamstrings could cause imbalances within the thighs. Weak hamstring muscle groups can overcompensate and pull, resulting in harm and tightness. However, if the quads and hamstrings are of equal power, they’ll work collectively correctly as a result of their work with one another as a substitute for the alternative.

Lack of stretching
Stretching is vital earlier than and after exercise; generally, these stretching exercises are known as warm-ups and cool-downs. If the hamstrings haven’t been correctly ready for an interval of exercise, then their variety of movement and suppleness might not meet the calls for the exercise they’re anticipated to carry out, leading to tightness and even harm.

5 stretches for tight hamstrings
1. Seated hamstring stretch
A seated hamstring stretch is a delicate exercise that may assist in relieving tightness within the hamstrings. It is secure to do, particularly for these with steadiness points, as it’s finished seat.


  • Sit on the ground with your legs prolonged straight in entrance of you.
  • Gently lean ahead out of your hips, reaching in the direction of your toes.
  • Keep your again straight and keep away from rounding your backbone.
  • Hold the stretch for 20 to 30 seconds whereas respiration is deep.

2. Standing hamstring stretch
The standing hamstring stretch is one other easy-to-perform exercise that may assist in maintaining the hamstrings unfastened and versatile. If pain is a matter, then this stretch is extra back-friendly than a seated stretch since you shouldn’t have to lie down.


  • Stand up straight in the entrance of a chair.
  • Place one foot on the bottom of the chair with toes pointing upwards.
  • Make certain this leg is straight and never bent on the knee.
  • Bend forwards from the hips and place each palm on the shin of the prolonged leg. Hold for ten seconds.
  • Slowly return to the beginning place.
  • Repeat with the opposite leg.

3. Wall hamstring stretch
The wall hamstring stretch includes mendacity down, so a cushy fitness centre mat and even a pillow can be utilized for final consolation. It is a delicate exercise that may assist with hamstring tightness and even harm.


  • Lie on a mat and put your head on a pillow.
  • Make certain that once you bend your knees, your toes can contact the wall at your entrance.
  • Keep one leg bent on the knee with the only one on the ground.
  • Raise the opposite leg till it’s straight and the heel is in touch with the wall.
  • Push the foot downwards till your leg is straightened and the toes are pointing away from the wall; this could create a stretch within the hamstring.
  • Hold for 30 seconds and repeat along with your different legs.

4. Lying hamstring stretch
The hamstrings may also be stretched and loosened in a mendacity place and not using a wall. This stretch must be carried out utilizing a cushy padded fitness centre mat to stop soreness from creating within the neck and again.


  • Lie in your again along with your legs prolonged till straight, flat on the ground. Your arms must also be straight and by your sides.
  • Slowly elevate one leg as high as possible, guaranteeing it’s straight on the knee. The different legs ought to stay straight too, however all the time in touch with the ground.
  • Support the raised leg with each finger positioned in the back of the thigh or calf.
  • Pull your leg in the direction of your abdomen till you’re feeling a slight hamstring pull.
  • Hold the stretch for ten seconds, then return to the beginning place.
  • Repeat with the opposite leg.

5. Dynamic leg swings
Dynamic leg swings can ease muscle cramps and tightness within the legs. They are notably helpful for tightness within the higher leg and hips and are usually a useful warm-up earlier than a run.


  • Stand up straight beside a sturdy assist comparable to a chair.
  • Grip the assist with one hand to assist your steadiness.
  • Swing one leg ahead and backwards while preserving the again and neck straight.
  • Bring the foot to the waist top on every swing with each ahead and backward motion.
  • Side swipes could be added to this routine, the place where the legs are swung at an angle.
  • Perform ten swings on every leg to stretch the hamstrings adequately.