The best dumbbell and adjustable dumbbell Black Friday deals — from $34

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There’s no better time to start getting yourself into shape than the holidays. You’ll have plenty of time off and plenty of motivation after all those holiday meals. As well, there’s no better time to land some savings on fitness equipment than the lead-up to the holidays, as Black Friday deals are rampant. These include fitness equipment such as dumbbells and adjustable dumbbells, both of which make a great addition to any workout routine and any home gym. So whether you’re looking to get in shape or you’re looking for some 10-minute workouts to transform your fitness routine, we’ve tracked down all of the best dumbbell and adjustable dumbbell Black Friday deals for you to do so. Be sure to check out kettlebell Black Friday deals as well.

If you’re looking to go the traditional route when it comes getting your pump on, traditional dumbbells is the right way to go. These are a good option if you’re looking for a full set of dumbbells to build out your home gym, or if you’re just looking for a single weight for something like rehabbing an injury or doing some physical therapy. The Black Friday dumbbell deals currently taking place have a lot to choose from. You’ll find single dumbbells in a number of different weight options, as well as full dumbbell sets that will look good in the corner of your home gym or garage.

  • BalanceFrom rubber-coated hex dumbbell weight set and rack — $25, was $34
  • BalanceFrom all-purpose weight set — $25, was $166
  • Amazon Basics dumbbell weight set with case — $48, was $55
  • Saorzon hex dumbbell weight set — $102, was $160
  • Cap 150-pound dumbbell set with rack — $218, was $240

Best Adjustable Dumbbell Black Friday Deals

And while a traditional dumbbell is a good option if you have a specific workout routine, an adjustable dumbbell is just as good if your workouts have good reason to be all over the place. With an adjustable dumbbell you’re not locked into any one particular weight, and its functionality brings the benefits of entire set of dumbbells into a much smaller package. This makes an adjustable dumbbell a great option for apartment dwellers and anyone else who may be looking to save some space with their daily workout routine.

  • ZYCKWXS adjustable dumbbell set — $41, was $52
  • Veick adjustable dumbbell set — $100, was $160
  • Mangko adjustable dumbbell set — $120, was $150
  • Keppi adjustable dumbbell set — $$200, was $300
  • Mangko 55-pound adjustable dumbbell — $230, was $300
  • Flash Limp adjustable dumbbell set — $240, was $300