Mutual Funds: How to invest in Mutual Funds through Whatsapp?

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Mutual Funds using Whatsapp: Most people want to invest in mutual funds. But … they get frustrated not knowing how to put it. Now they can also invest through WhatsApp. Let’s find out how.

Mutual Funds with Whatsapp: Social media has a lot of impact on people right now. Mutual fund companies are also making good use of social media. In particular, the services are provided by WhatsApp, an instant messaging app. Allow transactions to be checked, account statements, and non-financial services to be maintained. This includes some asset management companies (AMCs) that offer options such as lumpsum or SIP. Switching from one plan to another through WhatsApp itself provides non-financial services such as nominee details, contact details, receiving account statements, capital gains declaration and more.

Companies like HDFC Mutual Fund, Aditya Birla, Sun Life Mutual Fund, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund allow transactions through WhatsApp. Meanwhile, Axis Mutual Fund has also launched WhatsApp services.

KYC is also on WhatsApp:

The services offered by each AMC are different. Not all companies allow you to make investments through WhatsApp. ‘WhatsApp Bot’ helps to lead you to a link to a mutual fund house website where you can invest. You need to register with an e-mail id to invest in the website. The account statement is sent by e-mail. Aditya Birla, on the other hand, has given the opportunity to complete KYC (Know Your Details) through WhatsApp regarding mutual funds. All mutual fund companies will allow services related to questions and complaints.

How To Invest In Mutual Funds Through WhatsApp?:

You need to save the number of the mutual fund house in your phone. Then go to WhatsApp and search for the saved number and send the message ‘Hi’. Now if you have any questions or doubts you can chat with the WhatsApp bot and settle. If you have invested in more than one company in a mutual fund house you can use CMS (Largest Fund Transfer Agency in India) WhatsApp services.

Things to know beforehand:

WhatsApp services for investing are provided only for attractive, convenient purposes. If you want to start a new investment you need to know about mutual funds in advance. You can also get help by consulting a financial advisor and experts. Mutual funds are subject to market fluctuations. So all the factors should be taken into consideration before investing.