Everything you need to know about the Lion Diet

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Elimination diets offer a useful way to hone in on which meals could also be inflicting signs of widespread situations equivalent to IBS or leaky intestine syndrome; standard elimination diets, such as the FODMAP eating regimen, require an individual to remove particular meals from the diet to be able to decide if a meal is contributing to signs.

The latest health development, the Lion Diet, takes an analogous strategy that features a meat-only eating regimen, eliminating meals and elements that will trigger gastrointestinal misery and, thus, uncomfortable signs. But what precisely is the Lion Diet, and is it one thing it is best to strive for? Below, we’ll discover the origins behind this latest meat-eating development and its performance.

What is the Lion Diet?
In its easiest type, the Lion Diet consists only of ruminant animal meat (cattle, sheep, buffalo, and so forth.), water, and salt. We completely get it. This sounds — and is — restrictive. So what’s the idea behind it?

This eating regimen aims to permit the intestine lining to heal. Since meat incorporates a high quantity of important vitamins, it may simply be absorbed within the small gut without inflicting gastrointestinal misery. By eliminating crops, which frequently comprise pesticides often known as lectins, proponents of the Lion Diet say the body’s immune system and intestine can heal itself.


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As your body adapts to the Lion Diet, you might also expertise some unwanted side effects – usually these related to the keto flu. Given that the Lion Diet consists solely of fats and protein, your body will transition right into a ketogenic state, switching from operating on carbs for vitality to running on ketones produced as a by-product of the breakdown of fats. Symptoms of the keto flu typically shortly subside as your body adjusts.

As with all elimination diets, the aim is to eventually reintroduce meals to determine the gadgets it is best to keep away from sooner or later. Through a sluggish introduction course, people can start to determine which meals could set off signs for them and which meals are “safe” meals. The reintroduction section doesn’t start till any less than three months on a strict Lion Diet, which is designed to permit the intestine lining to heal.

Who created the Lion Diet?
Mikhaila Peterson created the Lion Diet after fighting persistent health points since she was a toddler. After being recognized with several situations, equivalent to rheumatoid arthritis and critical melancholy, she sought a healthful eating regimen that didn’t worsen her body’s irritation. She claims she was in a position to enhance her health with these modifications.

Lion diet vs. carnivore diet
The Lion Diet is just like the carnivore eating regimen; nevertheless, it’s extra restrictive. The standard carnivore eating regimen is meat-focused, however, some variations of the eating regimen permit different animal-based merchandise to be consumed, equivalent to eggs and dairy merchandise. Unlike the Lion Diet, a carnivore eating regimen permits non-ruminant meat to be consumed, equivalent to poultry, as well as fish and seafood.

A carnivore eating regimen could permit spices and seasonings to be consumed too, as well as coffee and tea. The Lion Diet, nevertheless, doesn’t permit for something however than meat, salt, and water. This is a result of some people who are ultra-sensitive to plant merchandise could have signs even from spices and herbs.

Lion Diet meal plan
A Lion Diet meal plan is fairly easy, given its restrictive nature. Many people on this eating regimen typically pair it with intermittent fasting protocols, which suggests they could solely be consuming one or two meals per day. Each meal could encompass a ruminant animal (lamb, goat, bison, beef, and venison are standard decisions), salt, and water. The meal preparation can differ, however, doesn’t embrace any use of seasonings, spices, sauces, or cooking oils. Lion Diet meal plans typically embrace fundamental meats, equivalent to ribeye steak or a hamburger patty.

The Lion Diet avoids all different meal teams, which suggests no greens, fruit, starches, seeds, grains, or legumes. As such, for those on the Lion’s Diet, this could make eating out and attending social capabilities troublesome to do.

Should you give the Lion Diet a try?
People on the web have claimed the Lion Diet has helped them rework their health, eliminating and bettering signs equivalent to zits, eczema, autoimmune situations, and more. But what does science say?

There hasn’t been any long-term research that covers the Lion Diet and its advantages or limitations. Red meat and salt have, nevertheless, been recognized to exacerbate situations like rheumatoid arthritis, based on research.

If you want to give the Lion Diet a strive, it’s a good suggestion to talk to a healthcare skilled who may help you identify if an elimination eating regimen is best for you and supply steering as you remove meals from your eating regimen.

So must you strive for it? Until additional analysis is completed, your physician can probably enable you to discover an eating regimen plan that’s best for you, much less restrictive, and at present evidence-based.