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Breaking: Ministry of Finance to launch Rs.75 coin to mark the inauguration of New Parliament Building

The Union Finance Ministry has announced the minting of a unique Rs.75 coin to commemorate the opening of the brand-new Parliament construction. This commemorative coin, with the text ‘Parliament Complex’ and an illustration of the brand new construction, attempts to spotlight the momentous event. This commemorative coin, which might be launched on May 28 on the inauguration occasion, has symbolic worth and acts as a concrete depiction of India’s democratic journey.

The 75 coins might be spherical in type, having a diameter of 44 millimetres, based on an official assertion from the Ministry of Finance. The coin’s edges will include 200 serrations, which can present a beautiful contact to its general design. The coin’s metallic composition might be a quaternary alloy of 50% silver, 40% copper, 5% nickel, and 5% zinc.

The Ministry of Finance has issued a notification for the Rs.75 coin. The Notification stated:-

“In exercise of the powers conferred by clauses (d) and (e) of sub-section (2) of section 24 of the Coinage Act, 2011(11 of 2011), the Central Government hereby makes the following rules.”

These rules could also be known as the Coinage (Issue of Commemorative Coin on the event of Inauguration of New Parliament Building) Rules, 2023. They shall come into drive on the date of their publication within the Official Gazette.

Denomination of the coin: The coin of Seventy-Five Rupees denomination shall be coined on the Mint for subject beneath the authority of the Central Government in the event of the Inauguration of the New Parliament Building.

Dimension and composition of the coin: The coin of the above denomination mentioned in rule 2 shall conform to the following dimensions and composition, namely:-

Denomination of the coin Shape and outside diameter Number of  serrations Metal composition
(1) (2) (3) (4)
Seventy-Five Rupees Circular 44 millimetre 200 Quaternary Alloy                Silver- 50 per cent.            copper-40 per cent.          Nicickel-05 per cent.        Zinc  – 05 per cent.

Design: The design of the coin shall be as specified in the First Schedule

Standard weight and remedy allowed: The standard weight of the coin of the above denomination coined to commemorate the event of the Inauguration of the New Parliament Building and the remedy allowed in making of such coin shall be as specified within the Second Schedule.