At Solapur Mango Festival, Fruit Weighing 2.5 Kg Named Sharad; Watch

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While it’s usually the political issues in Maharashtra that always discover their manner back to the previous Chief Minister and NCP chief Sharad Pawar, this time it’s a mango. Yes, mangoes are the lifeline of the state. Solapur farmer Dattatreya Gadge caught eyeballs for giving a political title to the mango that weighs over two kilograms. This has led curious prospects to carry them in their hands for a quick picture.

Why specifically the NCP Chief Sharad Pawar

The Phalbagh scheme was begun by Pawar when he was Chief Minister of the state. In this scheme, about 7000 kesar mango timber had been planted on 8 acres of agricultural land. Gadge defined how ‘Sharad Mango’ has turned into one of the vital common mangoes through the ongoing competition basically due to its weight and title. He additionally explained how this mango is made.

He named the 2.5 kg mangoes after Pawar to honour his efforts.

Solapur Mango Festival

Mango festivals are a big hit in Maharashtra. According to earlier media experiences, a daily common of 800-1,000 customers attend these festivals. Every summertime, the event attracts enormous crowds and serves as a standard platform for farmers and customers.

Solapur’s well-known mango competition options are Sharad mangoes from Gadget’s orchard. As a result of an in-depth analysis carried out by Rajendra Pawar of Baramati Agriculture Science Centre and Baramati Agriculture Development Trust, Gadge explained to the festival goers how he used different homoeopathic medicines to efficiently produce bulky mangoes on the trees.