Apple cider vinegar: Should you really be taking shots of this pungent potion?

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Wanting to look and feel your best is natural. Feeling this way lets you dwell life to the fullest, nail an exercise, give attention to the job, and sleep higher. Thanks to the web and particularly social media, there isn’t a scarcity of concepts on achieving longevity and enjoying life. One such way is consuming apple cider vinegar daily.

The pantry staple for salad dressings and marinades can purportedly assist you in shedding extra pounds, handling blood sugar, and enhancing coronary heart health. Kim Kardashian is called an uncooked model of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar a “miracle ingredient.” No disgrace for those who liked yourself a great Keeping Up With the Kardashians marathon. However, taking medical advice from a Kardashian isn’t beneficial, and never each social media fad is a good one.

Believe it or not, there may be some science behind the purported advantages of apple cider. Still, you’ll proceed cautiously, particularly if you’re dwelling on certain circumstances. Here’s what to learn about reported apple cider vinegar weight reduction advantages and extra.

What are apple cider vinegar benefits (and myths) to know about?
Before moving into the health advantages of apple cider vinegar, let’s focus on the composition. Knowing what’s in ACV may also help you perceive why the ingredient does – or doesn’t — stand as much as the hype.


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Apple cider vinegar is a fermented meal. Like different fermented meals, ACV is made by fermenting sugar, in this case, from apples. The course of turns the well-known fruit into the first lively ACV ingredient — and the holy grail of many health claims — acetic acid. Acetic acid can be why apple cider vinegar has such a robust style — and why chances are you’ll cringe on the considered doing daily photographs of the ingredient.

What does ingesting apple cider vinegar do?
Honestly? Research on apple cider vinegar advantages is proscribed, and extra is required earlier than medical doctors declare TikTok is on to one thing. However, some analysis of ACV factor’s potential advantages, together with blood sugar management, weight reduction, and coronary heart health. Let’s dig in.

Apple cider vinegar may assist with blood sugar
Controlling your blood sugar is vitally vital. Chronically uncontrolled high blood sugar can grow to be diabetes. Is taking a shot of apple cider vinegar earlier than or throughout meals the reply? Some research points out it could assist. A 2019 narrative overview indicated that consuming acetic acid, the principal ingredient in ACV, with carb-rich meals might positively impression blood glucose ranges. A 2021 overview found apple cider vinegar might assist with blood sugar in adults. The authors of each research are famous for the need for extra research. An older 2004 research additionally found that ACV would possibly assist with insulin resistance in people with kind 2 diabetes.

Note these findings don’t imply it is best to swap apple cider vinegar for Ozempic or insulin if in case you have diabetes or prediabetes. However, chances are you’ll want to focus on apple cider vinegar consumption with your healthcare group.

Weight loss claims and apple cider vinegar
Pixie dust-style weight-loss options are all over the place, together with in fad diets and on the Internet. While ACV isn’t pixie mud, some analysis exhibits that consuming apple cider vinegar for weight reduction might supply some advantages. Research is combined and restricted, although. For example, one research found that individuals who consumed ACV as a part of a meal reported an urge for food suppression for 2 hours afterwards. However, a newer analysis from 2022 didn’t discover this hyperlink.

Diet, exercise, stress discounts, and medicine may also assist in shedding extra pounds. Discuss your choices with a supplier.

Can ACV improve heart health?
ACV would possibly assist with coronary heart health, however, the analysis isn’t strong sufficient for definitive declarations as with blood sugar and weight reduction claims. A 2020 overview of animal and human research indicated that ACV might assist with LDL cholesterol. One from 2021 of human-only research had comparable findings. Again, this analysis doesn’t conclude ACV is a choice to lifestyle medicines, reminiscent of dietary tweaks and medicine to manage LDL cholesterol.

Life hack: Use apple cider vinegar as a disinfectant
Not focused on throwing again ACV photographs? You can nonetheless use a shot of apple cider vinegar to benefit your health without consuming the ingredient. Vinegar is commonly used as a pure disinfectant and might preserve meals from spoiling. ACV might assist in forestalling E. coli from rising in your favourite dishes.

Can I drink apple cider vinegar every day?
In most instances, ingesting a tiny little bit of apple cider vinegar daily (or one thing ACV in one other manner) is innocent and will even profit people. ACV can erode tooth enamel, affecting dental health, so restrict consumption to 1 to 2 tablespoons. People with kidney illness or who are on low-potassium diets will need to communicate with a supplier earlier than consuming apple cider vinegar for any purpose. ACV has a high potassium content and will hurt people dwelling under certain circumstances.

Let’s be sincere: ACV has a robust style, and chances are you’ll not be capable of purchasing a tolerance for this fermented liquid. Instead, contemplate diluting apple cider vinegar with water, which may additionally cut back tooth enamel erosion threat. Apple cider vinegar will also be consumed as an ingredient in dressings and marinades as an alternative.

Remember, your body might react in another way to apple cider vinegar than your good friend’s. Monitor how your apple cider vinegar consumption makes you feel, and cease and communicate together with your supplier for those who’re experiencing unwanted side effects, like GI discomfort.