10 Signs that reveal your co-worker in office has a crush on you

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Making your way to work every day can really feel like a terribly mundane routine for some. But if your route to work appears more exciting than common and you are feeling a sudden rush of butterflies in your stomach, then you have to delve into your feelings to unearth the reason behind this change. Many of us often feel this way when we spot a potential romantic love curiosity. And working in an identical area usually offers all of the alternatives for attraction between you two. Yet, the fear of your crush being one-sided can dampen your spirits.

So, your best bet is figuring out whether they adore you so that you may your professional life chasing one thing which will never occur. So, if it’s your co-worker you want, then listed below are ten signs that ought to reveal whether or not they have a crush on you too.

1. They have a 1000-watt smile if you walk into the room.

2. You make them nervous, so they could be blinking excessively.

3. They single you out for conversation and seem keen on talking to you every chance they get.

4. They may be paying particular attention to their grooming to look distinctive nowadays.

5. They seem willing to go the extra mile for you despite not realizing you very well.

6. They may look right into your eye and maintain contact fairly often while speaking.

7. They appear to reflect your stance or subconsciously mimic your actions.

8. Their body language abruptly changes around you.

9. They may tease you or tell lots of jokes to catch your attention.

10. They seem protective of you or attempting to defend your honour.

Should you notice 5 or extra of these signs, then you may be sure that something is brewing between the two of you. This could be the signal you’ll want to take the next step and work in your relationship.